I'm Mala 🖐🏾

Working with Mala gave me the confidence and the practical tools to go for it and also helped me to recognised and then shift some deeply ingrained limiting beliefs I had which were blocking me from moving forward.

Since working with Mala, I am feeling happier and more confident as a practitioner and small business owner and am easily attracting clients that I love working with!


Ayurvedic Practitioner

I was just amazed at all the things that were coming up and out, that I just had no expectation of it was so fantastic, because then we were able to put together some strategies for me to move forward.  I've already found them really helpful. 


Mala is amazing, she's very intuitive, and also was a loving interruption in my life.  My biggest breakthrough working with Mala was coming up with an action plan to be able to offer the retreat and workshops that I wanted to do and put out there in the world.



Breathwork Facilitator