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Being a business owner doesn't have to mean putting your wellbeing last.

You get to put your oxygen mask on first.

​It's about becoming so in tune with your emotional wellbeing that you always know your next move.


It's the crystal clear clarity that comes from the deepest level of self-awareness.  This is where your success lives. 


It's alive in you.



I'm Mala 🖐🏾

Life Coach & EFT Practitioner


I'm a mama, prana chai lover, and travel junkie.  


There was a time when I felt so overwhelmed, and doubted if I would ever step into my self-leadership.  It was only after experiencing vitiligo that I discovered how to trust myself and feel confident in my skin.  How?  By reprogramming my subconscious and doing the inner work to shift my language, emotional patterns and physical embodiment.


Success starts with you. 


Freedom comes when you do the inner work. 


Are you ready?

Working with Mala gave me the confidence and the practical tools to go for it and also helped me to recognised and then shift some deeply ingrained limiting beliefs I had which were blocking me from moving forward.

Since working with Mala, I am feeling happier and more confident as a practitioner and small business owner and am easily attracting clients that I love working with!


Ayurvedic Practitioner

This 21 day self-study program 


  • Weekly Modules

    Quick and easy modules that facilitate deep self-awareness to elevate your mindset and way of being to your next level.

  • BONUS: Morning Success Journal

    Create your business vision by starting your day with practices and rituals for both peak performance and emotional nourishment.

  • Daily EFT (tapping)

    Reprogram your subconscious for success and step into your full self-leadership and authority as a solopreneur.

  • BONUS: Accountability

    EFT Tracker and private Facebook community to stay accountable to your vision.

It's your time!

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